Interest groups

The title interest group has been used to replace the title of the past known as pressure group. Existing political parties whose major function is to organize and convey the observations of various parts of the society are the politicians and the government. Hence they are considered as the major players in American politics as they act as a link between the government and the people.

The groups opinion should be taken as more important as it represents the will of the people. Interest groups are groups formed by the people who have needs to express. This shows that their opinions are mostly the opinions of the general public. For example the announcement of a re-armament programme by President Reagan and the creation of neutral bombs led to protests from the interest groups which only subsided during the time when Clinton became the president (Bibby  Schaffne, 2007).

Some of the interest groups also are the environmentalists and the loggers who have shared different opinions of the people they represent. The loggers wanted the State to be opened to them so that they could carry out the logging while the environmentalists wanted to protect the rare species, this is some evidence that they are fighting for the interest of the public that they represent.

Madisonian dilemma has played a great role as it has led to formation of both political parties and interest groups which ensures that power is not given to a single party to be in control of the government as a whole. There is also Madisonian thought of federalism where power is shared between regional and national government which does not allow one section to have total power.

Judiciary is the branch of government which is the hardest to get into agreement with as it is concerned with law implementation process which is critical to the lives of people in the country hence all people are keen on the progress made by this branch.


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