The news media

The media plays an important role in the society by informing people on the activities, events and the operation of the government or the up coming events. Media can be in form of a newspaper, magazines, posters, radios and television. The kind of information obtained via the media must be based on truthvalidity but not assumptions that may lead to contradiction or violation of peoples rights. Media can also be a form of entertainment to some people and can help in enlightening of people in the society (Jodziewicz, 2009).

Changes in the Media
With the changes and reforms on the media, media has changed gradually on its roles and functions in the society. According to Jodziewicz (2009), he argued that in the past, the media acted as the watch dog on the public affairs. However, today, the media freedom has been violated and dictated by those in power so that they may not be exposed on their ill doing hence the media no longer enjoys the fundamental freedom in broadcasting or when writing articles for the fear of being arrested or assassinated for revealing certain information to the public especially information to do with corruption, elections, murder or any form of violation of rights by the people in power.

The media therefore should not be controlled by the government to ensure transparency and good governance in general. With the current situation in America, the media has contributed a lot in ensuring democracy and good governance as a result of informing the public on the intentions of the government and taking the views of the public and sampling the opinion of the people (Jodziewicz, 2009).

The media can therefore make or break the image of an individual, leader or even the government and the media practitioners must obey the media ethics and codes to ensure that the media regulations are observed.


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